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As a Primary Care Physician you can be part of a movement to save healthcare by saving primary care.

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Be Part of this Movement
Partners have pride.

Healthcare is unaffordable and un-accessible for too many.

Do you know Primary Care Physicians are fixing this? 

Be Part of this Movement

Primary Care Partners' Insurance company is a health insurance company owned exclusively by primary care physicians.

Taking Responsibility
Being at risk with patients aligns incentives.
Aligned Incentives
Ensures best outcomes .
Seeking best outcomes forces innovation.
Responsibility Equals Rewards
Insurance companies are like casinos, they may make a few bad bets but they rarely go broke. In fact, you will make healthcare affordable, and accessible for your patients and save Primary care.
Physicians Write The Orders
Nothing happens without a physician's order. When you write the order it happens, no pre-authorizations, delays or denials.
Take Responsibility and Take Charge
When you own the insurance carrier you have aligned incentives with the patient. No rules are needed.
Taking Responsibility, Aligns Incentives, Leads to best Outcomes, Leads to Innovation.
What You'll Learn:

 How our current system rewards insurance companies to run up prices.

 Why hospitals don't mind being complicit in the scam.

 How insurance companies put profits and commisions over patients.

 How physicians owning the insurance company puts the patient first.

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