Don Angle, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Primary Care Partners' Insurance
Board-certified in Emergency Medicine for over 20yrs. Board Certified in Integrative and Functional Medicine. Accomplished at building both businesses and medical practices. 

Founder or President of seven corporations and businesses as diverse as the construction of multi-family residential homes to physician practice management. Founder and Chairman of NASDAQ: CDOC, the 2nd largest national provider of healthcare for employers with over 4,000 corporate customers, merged with NYSE HLS.
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Taking Responsibility, Aligns Incentives, Leads to best Outcomes, Leads to Innovation.
What You'll Learn:

 How our current system rewards insurance companies to run up prices.

 Why hospitals don't mind being complicit in the scam.

 How insurance companies put profits and commisions over patients.

 How physicians owning the insurance company puts the patient first.

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